Enlightening Moments

If you are aware that you have reached a certain plateau in your personal and/or professional life and are curious about moving beyond it, you have come to the right place. We offer unique programs and tools to optimize your physical, emotional, and mental strengths, and just as importantly, we help you to utilize what you might consider weaknesses. Discover your own unique contribution and how to manifest it in your life.
  • Wouldn’t you like more peace of mind and clarity? To be less stressed and more relaxed? Well, this is what we call Meditation. Check out Gary’s interview with Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon, talking about meditation as a code word for being yourself.


  • The Frustration Cycle
    Do you have moments when you’re frustrated, and don’t know why you’re not living the life you want? Find out how to go beyond your self-limiting patterns – The Frustration Cycle
    Check out Gary’s other powerful book – Enlightening Moments


  • What's New
    Conversations with Gary and Radha: Enlightening Moments Join us in June 2016

    Introducing Monkey Mind Meditation. Check out our meditation video
    Check out our new eBook: The Frustration Cycle