Public Speaking


Gary has been a public speaker for over four decades offering a relaxed, humorous, and authentic style that seamlessly blends valuable information with humour and insight. His public talks create an interactive experience that employs exercises for the audience to directly experience the topic. His talks are informative, stimulating, and most importantly, entertaining. His ability to adapt the talk to the specific needs of the audience and sponsoring organization has made him a popular speaker.

His topics range from personal development, personal and professional relationships, health and happiness, and how to be a conscious and aware member of society. He has been invited to speak at business conferences, yoga retreats, psychological conferences, jazz and music programs, senior community events, country clubs, colleges and other educational organizations, political meetings, and spiritual gatherings.

Gary was privileged to have the opportunity to speak at the Rhodes Scholars’ 110th Anniversary at Oxford University in England in September 2013.

His three most popular presentations are:

Optimizing Your Business & Personal Relationships

Whether you want to improve your rapport with a business associate or a loved one, this seminar will reveal how to optimize your specific Relationship Style while responding, rather than reacting, to all the many different people in your life.

There are four distinct and unique personality strategies that directly impact and influence all personal and professional interactions and determine how successfully you navigate the challenging world of everyday relationships.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Are you too hard on yourself? Are you tired of the people in your life who just don’t get you? Do you feel like you never have enough time? Are you stuck in a pattern you cannot break no matter how hard you try? If so, you are caught in the Frustration Cycle, and you are spending too much time and energy with too little results.

This seminar led by Gary Bello introduces a radical perspective that inspires refreshing alternatives to navigating the challenging situations in your life. Simple and powerful this seminar will allow you to transform frustrating situations into meaningful opportunities.

Meditation: It’s Not What You Think!

Learn how to clear your mind allowing unfettered access to your intuitive, wise, and aware Self. Designed for both beginners and those with an established meditation practice. Each of the two meditation sessions will be unique and different and you will leave with new tools, techniques, and insights.