“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.” —Keanu Reeves

Relationships form the fabric of our lives. They define who we are. Are you interested in improving your relationship Karma? Do you feel there is a next step but at a loss to know what it is? Are you stuck in a pattern and disappointed when your expectations are not met?

There is a purpose and meaning for every relationship in your life. Some will test your abilities, some will take advantage of you, and some will teach you. Yet, if you are open and receptive to conscious relationships, they will most certainly bring out the best in you.
Everyone has a desire to be heard, understood, and appreciated, and those individuals who know how to listen, communicate, and value others are the ones who experience healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships. Learning appropriate relationship tools and receiving proper training guarantees that authentic and satisfying relationships are not just a hit-and-miss affair.

We offer four options for those who want to create or re-create fulfilling authentic relationships or partnerships:

Couples-smallCouples Coaching

Coaching to help you create or re-create a more meaningful and rewarding relationship.


CrisisThumbCrisis Counselling

A unique alternative to traditional couples therapy to help you increase awareness and empathy and ultimately resolve the crisis.


Marriage Coaching-smallMarriage Coaching and Wedding Ceremonies

Coaching sessions to help you prepare your relationship for the commitment of marriage and to help create the perfect wedding.


Single-smallSingle and Searching

Coaching to help identify why you are not attracting the relationships you want or why you keep repeating the same behaviours.