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Enlightening Moments: Living Beyond the Frustration Cycle


Instead of trying to change what’s going on around you, this book introduces a radical perspective that inspires refreshing responses to the way things are. Being able to recognize your patterns and take full responsibility for your reactions leads you down a clear path to the root cause of the issue—to the source of surprising insight and profound understanding.

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Why Believe your Thoughts


This program discusses the entire philosophy of meditation and the science of the mind. Perfect for anyone interested in obtaining an overview of the process of becoming the master of the mind.

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The Solution: Transcending Pain and Suffering


This teaching describes exactly what occurs whenever our Internal Guidance System disengages and how to recognize, reconnect, and transcend the causes of pain and suffering in our life.

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Breath of Life


The first half of this program will explain how the breathing process directly affects the body and the mind. The second half contains an easy to follow 30 minute breathing (pranayam) program.

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Our 25 minute progressive relaxation technique trains you how to focus on a part or area of your body with the intention to increase the energy flow or release any stored tension and stress.

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Guided Medidations


Meditation is a state of peaceful stillness that can be experienced by anyone on the very first attempt. By merely listening to these simple instructions you will learn how to consciously access this state.

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