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Couples and Wedding Coaching

dana hillman photoI tell the story of meeting Gary at least a hundred times a year it seems – especially when a conversation with a client turns personal and veers to the subject of marriage or divorce.  In an effort to find a palatable third party to perform a wedding ceremony between an extremely white guy from Alabama and a Jewish girl from the Northeast, my then fiancé and I were referred to Gary – a guy who had a certain charm for sure, but more importantly for us had no religious affiliation.  Easy, piece of cake – he’ll stand there, give a very vanilla speech, perform the “Do you’s?” and be done.  Gary was more than willing to help, with the caveat that we come to him for 3 “Couple sessions” so that he could get to know us better and help in personalizing the ceremony; he also mentioned that since we came from such different backgrounds there may be “things” to discuss.  We acquiesced so he’d perform the ceremony, knowing full well that the only “things” we had to figure out was the silverware patterns and the band – we were in love, duh . . . just perform the damn ceremony. Fast forward 3 weeks; after the third “Couple session,” the wedding was over and my fiancé and I hated each other . . . thanks Gary.  After the initial shock of that last session wore off – we came to the grim reality that there was another layer under the veneer of our pre-marital giddiness – that the “Things” Gary picked up on and mentioned to us earlier were potential deal-breakers. To our credit, we still loved each other and wanted make it work; we committed to working with Gary once a week separately and together.  To be fair, I say the word “Work,” however, Gary didn’t make it feel like work but rather an adventure. Looking back, I can’t believe the amount of grief I was willing to take from my family and friends for doing this, however, the payoff was huge.  Having a relationship where you truly know your partner  . . . finding out where the “Levers and switches” are and having someone help you peel off the layers of pretense to get down to the real you, is invaluable.  My wife and I have been together for 17 years now, have two kids, a great marriage and appreciate the fact that without Gary in our lives and our unwitting “pre-marital” therapy adventure, we’d either be divorced, or at a minimum, have missed out on a richness and depth in our relationship that I would never have imagined possible.  If you’re contemplating marriage, divorce or just want a relationship that has more “Juice,” you owe it to yourself to work with Gary!

As a footnote, half of our friends and family members that gave us that grief are now divorced.

Dana Hillman, Hillman Partners, Executive Recruiting Firm


Our guests are still talking about the beauty of the ceremony. Joyce and her husband looked you up online and started meditating again. Others wondered where you came from and why they were not familiar with someone so accomplished. Thank you for the most precious wedding gift of all. Thank you for bringing our family closer together. There has been an outpouring of love and good will between all of the family since the wedding. Thank you for this harmony.

Kris Wells, Vermont


Thank you for marrying us almost 16 years ago. The bond you helped create has been strong.

Chad Bearden


Thank you so much. Even my co-workers who  never have much nice things to say were moved by our ceremony. The ceremony evoked the most powerful feelings I have ever experienced. I am so glad you agreed to work with us in the months before the wedding so that we would have the tools to create a loving and long-lasting union. Thank you for all the help.

William Wells, Vermont


Business Coaching

Testimonials - Pic Duncan RobinsonI have been involved with coaching sessions with Gary for the past two years e on one sessions with Gary.  The most important thing I have learned is how to rise above upsets and not get triggered.  I would recommend his coaching sessions because they are a good, clean, clear and honest way of looking at life and people. The tools Gary provided me to manage my professional life have been extremely helpful.

Duncan Robinson, President, TransDR LLC, Marketing Consultant, Chicago


Having worked with Gary privately over the years, I can say his impact for me was life-changing. As cliche as that sounds, I bet not too many people can say that the work inspired me to write a song. Gary is responsible for guiding me to my “inner child” which is the subject of that song. I sing praises now and before of the gifts I received from working with him.

Kim Weiss, Florida

Testimonials - Pic Michael McCartneyGary and Radha are exceptional teachers and healers in the broadest sense. The Conscious relationships, enlightening moments course was one of the best courses we have ever taken. If everyone took Gary and Radha’s course and meditated daily we would have a truly wonderful world. We encourage everyone to explore Gary and Radha’s course, we cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit.

Michael McCartney, Toronto, Ontario


Gary is intelligent, open-minded, fun, and gets to the point quickly in our sessions. His compassion, intuition, and direct approach cut to the heart of what causes suffering and holds me back. A practical east meets west tool kit – breathing, yoga, meditation, reading assignments, etc – has helped me make continued progress on your own. If you want someone who will guide and challenge you to move to another level in your life, then he’s your coach.

Kathy M, Vancouver


Gary gave good value for the service, and I got results fast. I continue to work with him as needed and I have also referred friends and family over the years. Everyone I’ve sent reported back to me how comfortable they felt with Gary, and what great information they got from him. I highly recommend Gary as a coach, counsellor, teacher. He’s the real deal.

Anna M, Vancouver


As a man who has navigated many decades in and out of relationships experiencing the highs and lows of this rollercoaster called life, I would like to say that I was keenly enthusiastic to read Gary and Radha Bello’s most recent book:  Enlightening Moments: Living Beyond the Frustration Cycle. The frustration cycle for me, I might add, is that this book was not published sooner!

One might think having gone through more relationships than I’d care to admit that I’d be a plethora of insight and wisdom on this topic for myself as well as a world of ex-lovers and friends. If you couldn’t guess by now, sadly, my track record suggests quite the opposite.

I’m learning a lot from what the Bellos share. More than anything, their work offers perspectives about motivating influences we are all subject to. Understanding issues like self worth, anger, childhood abuse, and how they translate into destructive behaviors as adults that can be overcome is truly “enlightening”.

Where my knee-jerk reaction was to respond defensively to the outer expression of certain patterns, I now have the tools to step back, have perspective, and respond with clearer understanding and compassion because, as the cliché goes; things aren’t always what they seem.

Who can’t use a little help in the world of relationships? Enlightening Moments: Living Beyond the Frustration Cycle is like a workbook to get us through the frustration of recurring patterns. It’s in those little “ah-ha” moments of understanding where we simply “get” it, and that shift of perspectives makes my “me” a much nicer place to be.

Sid Goldberg, Director, Two-time Emmy Award Winner, Toronto


Testimonials - Pic Jenn WurstGary has been my coach, my consultant, my marriage counselor, and my wedding officiator.

Gary has been present to bless all three of my babies after they were born and guided my grandmother’s spirit moments before her body died.

One of the most important things I learned from Gary and Radha is that we are always connected to our greater Source.

This has assisted me when I struggle with disconnection from my self and from my relationships. Gary has instructed me with particular breathing and meditation techniques, which one can find in ancient yogic teachings, and which have helped me in reconnecting to my authentic Self.

I would recommend them to others because I think their coaching is invaluable. They  teach ancient, esoteric ideas and lessons in a way that is familiar and modern day.

Their assistance has continually guided and reminded me  that my feelings of fear, loneliness, anger, or sadness, only result from my “feelings” of disconnection to my Self.  The reality, they remind me, is that when I feel disconnected,  it is really just a forgetfulness of my connection to our Source.

Jennifer Wurst, Yoga Teacher and mother of three, Florida




I met Gary in 2008 when I attended a yoga class that he taught. I was very impressed and inspired by Gary’s

inner clarity, wisdom and light. Gary’s deep life experience and expertise are palpable in all of his teachings and private sessions.

I would highly recommend Gary if you are wanting to upgrade your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual outlook and understanding so that you can have a more authentic and loving relationship with Self and other.

Madhuri Phillips, Yoga Teacher, Radio Show Host & Author, in Vancouver, BC


“Working with Gary Bello completely changed my life. I equate him to a Internal Navigator – a wise, patient and loving guide who was able to illuminate places and patterns of frustration locked so deeply within me that I couldn’t quite get to them, even with all of the personal work I have done in the past with myself. His methods are effective and I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time talking and talking – we got straight to the situation and he gave me the tools to break through all of the deep seated patterns I felt like I was doomed to repeat for the rest of my life.  I am now able to identify when I’m getting triggered emotionally, take responsibility for the stories I create, love myself deeply and stay connected to my center. It’s like learning a new empowerment language within my own mind and body with Gary leading the way. The process has been incredible and the transformations in my life have been magical. I wish I could gift his services to everyone!”

Tracy Lydiatt, Kelowna, BC


Testimonials - Pic - London & Vienna


We have known Gary and Radha for our entire lives, for the past 2 years, (if you don’t count the time in-utero).

The activities that we attended are Evening classes, (although I missed some of the discussion while breast feeding) some private sessions, and a few house calls.

The most important things we learned from Gary and Radha… where do we begin? Here are a few things:

When mommy or daddy get really, really upset, we know that one or more of their self-limiting beliefs are getting “triggered” so we patiently wait till they GRACE it and get deactivated. We both know that eventually they are going to be able to realize this faster and faster, and react consciously, using the opportunity of the conflict to learn more about their true selves and each other.

Gary and Radha say it’s not nice to throw things at each other, or pull each other’s hair, or throw our dinner on the floor when we are done (even though it’s so much fun!!!)

We have also learned to let each other have turns with our favorite toys, because really, being attached to a material object is SOOO one year old!

And we have learned to hum… we call it Gary’s hum: Amaram Ham… Madauram Ham… it makes us a bit drowsy but we really like it.

What we have learned has helped all of our relationships because we can now watch mommy and daddy get upset without taking it personally because we know that it is just an opportunity for them to explore themselves and improve on their relationship with each other (and us). This is kind of like how we explore our yogurt by getting into it, stirring it around, and smearing it all over each other.  And finally we thank them for all the ‘relationship tools’ because we are spending less time pulling each other’s hair and more time having fun together.

We would definitely recommend Gary and Radha to others because who else will hum to you to make you feel better??? But really, we have watched our parents become more joyful and loving with each other, what better reason could there be?

Vienna & London Sheardown, kids of Monika & Byron Sheardown, Vancouver, BC


Testimonials - Pic Gab

Gabrielle Steinberg, Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Owner of Harmony Family Wellness Centre, Vancouver

I have known Gary and Radha for almost 4 years now.  During that time I have experienced nothing but positive energy and enthusiasm from them.  I have attended the Enlightening Moments workshop based on their book and have had many coaching sessions with Gary.  The sessions have helped my goals and aspirations in my personal relationships and my career become more clear as well as helping light the way of courage and determination to see these come to fruition.

Gary and Radha have a phenomenal way of listening and supporting you to see your patterns conscious or unconscious, and to see ways to work with them to attain the YOU that you fully want to be.

The most important thing I learned from Gary and Radha is to have gentle compassion with myself in all the inner and outer adventures that may present themselves in my life.

I highly recommend them as coaches to help you overcome barriers that may impede your way to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Gabrielle Steinberg, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, owner of Harmony Family Wellness Centre, Vancouver

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