Meet Gary Bello (1 Min 4 Secs)

We have dedicated our life to becoming more aware, loving, caring, and useful members of society. The method that we use to accomplish this goal integrates the ancient wisdom of India with modern body/mind psychology, philosophy, and science.

Relationships form the fabric of life so it is essential to possess the tools, techniques and a powerful method that allows you to successfully navigate all the challenging situations we encounter daily.
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Gary & Radha – Relationships (2 Mins 41 Secs)

When we refer to relationships we are using the broadest sense of the word that includes how we relate to:

  • Our physical body (weight, appearance, health)
  • Our mind and emotions
  • Family members
  • Business associates
  • Loved ones and marriage partners
  • Nature and our planet

We can also experience healthy or unhealthy relationships to our career, finances, and even stress. We live in a universe that provides an infinite number of opportunities to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships with everyone and everything.
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