Oasis Retreat


Couples need quality time together free of distractions and stress. We offer weekend experiences that are designed to reignite the love and affection essential to a committed loving partnership. There is so much we do not know about our partners. Taking the time to explore and rediscover each other has a tremendous positive impact on the relationship. Couples can plan their Oasis Retreat in the privacy of their home or at a destination of their choice.

Gary and Radha have led many retreats, and with over 36 years of marriage, they use their own experience combined with years of working in the human potential movement to offer a life-changing event. They have designed this seminar by blending ancient wisdom and modern body/mind therapies. They have developed a method for helping anyone create fulfilling relationships and tap into the potential in every human being.

Gary and Radha facilitate these retreats together, offering a perfect example of the power of balancing the feminine and masculine in a relationship. Oasis Retreats offer many opportunities to practise the relationship tools and methods learned during the Couples Coaching sessions.

Oasis Retreat includes:

Couples Yoga


Partner Breathing and Relaxation Sessions

Treasure Hunt

Tantric Exercises

And much more according to the needs of the couple…