Marriage Coaching

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“If I get married, I want to be very married.” —Audrey Hepburn

Couples that are motivated and curious about creating a deeply lasting and enduring marriage, including the ability to maintain the romance as well as dealing with the inevitable conflict, will appreciate our unique method of creating the perfect wedding ceremony and marriage.

There is more to the role of a Wedding Officiate than merely performing the ceremony. It is the responsibility of a wedding officiate to provide the relationship tools that will ensure a successful and fulfilling life together. Gary offers coaching sessions that begin months in advance of the wedding date in order to properly coach couples in a discovery process where they learn to appreciate the strengths and the weaknesses of their partner. Couples learn how to maintain balance in all circumstances.

Marriage Coaching Sessions include:

  • Learning valuable relationship tools
  • Creating mutual intentions for married life
  • Discovering how to lovingly interact during stressful moments
  • Planning a personal wedding ceremony
  • Co-creating and writing the wedding vows

As an interfaith minister, Gary can also perform your wedding or re-commitment ceremony.

dana hillman photoHaving a relationship where you truly know your partner – finding out where the “levers and switches” are and having someone help you peel off the layers of pretense to get down to the real you, is invaluable.  My wife and I have now been together for 17 years, have two kids, a great marriage and appreciate the fact that without Gary in our lives and our “pre-marital” therapy adventure, we’d either be divorced, or at a minimum, have missed out on a richness and depth in our relationship that I would never have imagined possible. ~ Dana Hillman, Hillman Partners, Executive Recruiting Firm