Crisis Counselling


“Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” – Laurence J. Peter

These sessions are for those couples that have lost the ability to appreciate the similarities and respect the differences. There are few things more upsetting than a relationship in crisis, especially when one or both partners are stuck in unproductive reactive patterns that require sensitivity and insight. We offer a unique alternative to traditional therapy by creating situations that increase awareness and empathy in relationship and ultimately resolve the crisis.

Sessions include:

  • Assuming responsibility for the crisis
  • Recognizing the self-limiting beliefs being triggered
  • Commitment to constructive alternatives
  • Learning and practising our relationship tools
  • The Four Stages of Relationships
  • The Four Relationship Styles
  • The Frustration Cycle
  • Exiting The Frustration Cycle
  • Conflict resolution training
  • The Four Relationship Styles
  • Recommitment Vows