The Difference Between Awareness and Thought

Though we may not remember it, when we were toddlers we all experienced the awesome wonder of standing for the first time without falling—where suddenly a world of opportunities opened to us. Children live in the now. Their experience of life is strong and their curiosity is huge. In this process, we can be like children, looking at the world from a fresh perspective without distorting the events happening presently through the filters of our past experiences.

An Excerpt from our book: Enlightening Moments Living Beyond the Frustration Cycle: Page 8-9

The Difference Between Awareness and Thought

At its most subtle level, awareness is consciousness. It is the spark that gives us the ability to perceive and experience the world in which we reside. At its purest, that perception is unencumbered by thought and preconceived notions, and the world is therefore experienced exactly as it is: perfect in its design and intention. There are many theories on the source of that spark, but in order to embark on this journey, it isn’t necessary for us to have a definitive answer to the question of its origin. Here, we simply need to accept that at the heart of the matter we are aware beings, and each of us has a certain amount of self-reflection; it can be vast, or small, or anywhere in between. Whatever the case may be, when we take steps to expand our awareness, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to experience a greater range of emotions, and this allows us to learn fully from, and grow with, the world of experiences and relationships around us. Awareness equals light. When you turn on the light, you see some of what is hidden by the darkness. When you turn up the light even brighter, you see even more. Turn up your light and see what happens.

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  1. Gary R

    Until we see that light, we really have no idea how much we are missing. Once in a while I will recover a brief memory from my childhood of a feeling of wonder and amazement at something I was experiencing for the first time. These moments came often back then, though I was too inexperienced to appreciate them as a gift. Through the teachings that Gary and Radha’s espouse, I am learning to be open to these moments again as an adult, with a whole new appreciation. Sometimes it’s as easy as breathing…

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